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Writing is its own reward.
- Henry Miller

Finding the enticing word at a time......

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I have signed on with a great new Publishing Company, rebel ink press. I am very excited about it too and I am looking so forward to working on my new book A Forever Love with them. Thanks for following me on my journey and have a wonderful day :)

Book cover for the A Forever Love Anthology paperback available at link attached

A Forever Love


Grayson and Cecily have known each another since they were little kids. Two people who love one another more than life, neither one knows how the other feels. Cecily  escapes to New York City after high school to experience the big city while Grayson stays in their hometown of Cold Springs and becomes a firefighter. Over time they lose touch

  When Cecily wants out of a bad relationship and returns home, they both discover their true feelings. But will it be too late? Will their lives go up in flames? When Cecily‚Äôs abusive ex comes after her, try as he does, Grayson can't protect her from Mark's vengeance.

Love can't always save you, even a forever love

You can also find my Ebook, Alive, on Amazon, Kobo, Barns and Nobel and


 Jacket Book Description

Annalisa never thought that she would be a widow at such a young age or that she could ever love again, until she met Drew, who had tragically lost his wife and child. The way that they meet is crazy but not as crazy as who brings them together. Someone from both of their pasts seems to think that they belong together. They instantly have a heart pounding connection but Annalisa feels guilty for having feelings for another man. These two really can find love again after their horrifying losses, but not without a life threating accident and a terrifying kidnapping. Will Drew have his heart ripped out again, can he survive another love lost or will their charismatic love have a long happy ending and will these people from their pasts regret seeing the ones they love, become hopelessly in love with someone else?